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Where to find us

·     Directions from Atatürk airport (IST) in the european side of Istanbul

·     From Sabiha Gökçen airport (SAW), in the asian side of Istanbul

·     From hotels downtown (Sultanahmet), european side of Istanbul

·     Giving directions for the taxi driver once in the IPCF area

·     View and navigate google map at the bottom,  for better positioning

View of IPCF from the "minibus yolu" street and behind the surrounding buildings.

From Atatürk Airport

The best way to reach IPCF From Atatürk Airport (European side of Istanbul) is by first taking the Havataş bus to "Yenikapı" and getting off in "Bakırköy" (for more information click Havataş logo ). Cost: about $ 3-4 (TL 5-7, ie Turkish Lira)

Then take the Deniz Otobüs (ferry) to "Bostancı" (click the IDO logo for schedules; Departure: Bakırköy; Arrival: Bostancı, of Inner-City Lines). Cost: about $ 3-4 (TL 5-7). Once there, get into a taxi and give the directions below. Cost: about $ 4-6 (TL 7-10). The journey takes a little more than an hour and has a total cost of approximately $ 10-13. (See map below)


From Sabiha Gökçen Airport

The best way to reach the IPCF from the Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Asian side of Istanbul) is by taking the E-9 bus to "Bostancı" (click on the IETT logo for schedules). At the airport, on the bus stop buy an "İstanbul Kartı" (reloadable payment card, $ 4, TL 7, ie Turkish Lira) for the bus, charging it with at least $ 3 (TL 5). Once in Bostancı take a taxi, giving the directions specified below. The taxi will cost less than $ 6 (TL 10). The journey takes a little more than half hour. (See map above)


From any hotel downtown

If you are coming from a hotel on the European side of Istanbul, take the tram to "Eminonu" ($ 0.8, TL 1.5, ie Turkish Lira). Ask directions at the hotel or the tourist office. Once at Eminönü, take the ferry to "Kadıköy" ($ 1.1, TL 2). Finally, take a taxi (obout $ 11.5, TL 20) to the address given below. See also sketch and photo below. The journey takes about an hour. (See map below)

Directions for the taxi driver


Istanbul protest Kilisesi Vakfi

Minibus Yolu No: 85/1,  Altintepe - Maltepe.

Tel / Fax: 00 90 (216) 366 94 94

(See sketch map below)


Directions in Turkish to be given to the taxi driver:

Minibüs Yolu'nda Kadıköy'den Maltepe'ye doğru giderken Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi kavşağını geride bırakın. İkinci ışıkları geçince sol kolda Şekerbank'ı göreceksiniz. Bahçemize giriş kapısı bankın az ilerisindeki ağacın yanındadır. Taş kemerli kapının üstünde "İPKV Altıntepe Protestan Kilisesi" lehvasını göreceksiniz. Kilise, apartmanların arkasında kalır.



Along the Minibus Road, which goes from Kadikoy towards Maltepe, pass the intersection to the Bostanci Performing Center. After the second traffic light, on the left you will see the bank Sekerbank. A little further there is a tree. The entrance to the courtyard of our building (a stone arched gate) is there, with a plaque on the top that reads "İPKV Altıntepe Protestan Kilisesi." The church is behind the apartment buildings.