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İPKV Altıntepe Protestan Kilisesi, 2012 Noel Kutlaması


         L   A   S   T       M   I   N   U   T   E   !        

A memorable day...

Every April 23rd tens of thousands of "pilgrims" visit the church of San Yorgi, which is  found on one of the islands just off Istanbul's shore. The overwhelming majority are 'Muslims' who seek the blessing of the saint. Meanwhile, hundreds of brothers and sisters of the Istanbul churches take advantage of this day to proclaim the Good News. These thousands of people that on any another day and in any another place would reject with disgust that they were approached with the Gospel, receive it calmly and with curiosity. For hours, believers distribute the NT (about 30,000), hand out Christian books, pray one by one for all those who are willing, and preach the message of salvation to as many souls as they can!

Read below the highlights of the various Easter celebrations in the IPCF churches...

The advertisement: Next April 7 at 7:00 pm, Easter and Resurrection Celebration, at the Istanbul Protestant Church in Altintepe. Spiritual songs, prayer, drama, preaching, blessing and snacks. (April 1, 2012)


In Pendik...

On Saturday April 7 at 11:00am the Pendik church held its Easter breakfast, with various guests...


One of them F, who received the Lord last Christmas and after 3 months at sea as a ship's cook, has lost his job because of the NT found in his cabin. But he's so happy!


In Altıntepe...

On Saturday again between 19:00 and 21:00 hours, our church in Altintepe-Istanbul  had the privilege of presenting the antidote to sin to multiple guests: the blood of the Lamb, as he was lifted up like the brazen serpent was in the times of Moses (John 3:13-15). We pray that the seed planted in the hearts will produce its fruit...

In İzmit...

This Sunday the İzmit church has had its celebration... But since a couple of days the whole city was aware!

Because the news of the event was on the front page of the highest circulating newspaper in the city (right). In addition they published a full interview with pastor Emre, who sent a press release explaining the meaning of Easter, which presented the gospel very very clearly, and they have published it too...

In Eskişehir...

On Sunday also, our brothers and sisters in Eskişehir announced the victory of our Lord over death. Actually they have been doing it for several days, by words and deeds (see: help to refugees).

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Our year-round special activities

Christmas Celebration

Every year on the Saturday closest to the 24th or 25th December at 8:00pm we host a public Christimas celebration. This is a huge opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel and the birth of Christ with hundreds of guests who visit us.

Easter Celebration

Our annual Easter celabration is also a great opportunity to reflect on the central message of the Gospel: the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for us sinners, our source of eternal life. This is yet another great chance for hundreds of visitors to hear the Good News.

The "Jesus" film

Several times a year the "Jesus" film or other movies are screened in all of our fellowships. These movies offer us countless opportunities to share the Gospel with our community. We distribute and mail invitations. Many have heard the message through such showings.

Concerts, choirs, drama...

On special occasions we host classical music choirs, gospel concerts, drama or similar activities sometimes organized by or Foundation and other times through Secular Conservatories or foreign groups seeking to use our chapel. These are valuable opportunities to reach our neighbors by connecting them to the wonders of God's creativity through the arts.

Various seminars and conferences

Seminars and conferences with engaging topics provide opportunities for visitors to be exposed to the truths of the Gospel and to clarify widespread prejudices in Turkish society concerning the Christian faith.

Many social issues are taken up in other seminars; such as a the a seminar on the prevention of the drug addiction organized by the local police department.