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  • Help for Iraqi refugees at the church See below
  • What is Esther's House? Lord's love changing women's life, trough the service of the saints! See below

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Porsuk river in Eskişehir

"Mi casa será llamada casa de oración para todas las naciones" (Mr 11:17)


The Eskisehir Protestant Fellowship (Eskişehir)


İPKV, Eskişehir Tamsilciliği

Mustafa Kemal Paşa Mah.

Sümer Sok No: 17, ESKİŞEHİR

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Phone/Fax: +90 222 221 4702





Sundays worship at 11:00 am

Office hours, Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Esther's House

A few years ago an organization was set up in Eskişehir to assist women refugees and their children.  It is called Esther's House because we wanted a place where women could feel comfortable and welcome.  It is a place where women can grow stronger after having gone through difficulties in their native lands.


Esther's House was founded by a Swedish couple who once lived in Eskişehir.  They arranged for an apartment to be rented and we found a young Christian woman, Mishel, to oversee the day to day activities.  Mishel has a great heart for these women who are in need and loves to share the gospel with them.

In the past five years we have had several different refugees. We work closely with the United Nations represntative in Eskişehir who notifies us when someone is in need of help.  Most of the time women from Iran or Iraq have stayed with Mishel but we have also had women from various African countries.  The woman currently staying with Mishel is from the Congo.

Esther's House is more than just an apartment, it is a place where women in need can find help.  We try to assist them with all aspects of living.  For example, Mishel is currently giving Turkish lessons to the woman who is staying with her.  At other times, women with children have stayed in the apartment and babysitting was provided occasionally.  Many women who come are in need of counseling and this too has been part of our ministry.

Food and clothing distributions are also a part of the work.  We had a joyful time one Christmas when we had about 20 refugee women come together for a pray time, sharing a meal and taking clothes for their families that had been donated to us.  The apartment was very crowded but it was a special blessing to be together.  This past Christmas we had a food distribution where over 30 refugee families recieved bags of needed groceries.  At other times we are able to help refugee families who are in financial need to pay their electic or heating bills.

If you are interested in learning more about these or other projects and/or supporting this initiative on a personal level or as an organization please contact us: contact form.

Help for Iraqi refugees at the church

Eskisehir is one of the most important destinies where the government sent to refugees in Turkey, and there they wait for meeting the formalities of the United Nations. The IPCF Community, thus provides a valuable service for these displaced people, who that way can get some warmth in the midst of their difficult circumstances.