"Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, they are already white for harvest" 

(John 4:35)


Our Vision

Our vision is to bequeath a spiritual heritage to the Evangelical community in Turkey and to equip it to bless this country and the ends of the earth with a model of a sustainable church which can be renewed under the guidance of Scripture and the Holy Spirit for both this generation and the ones to come, in order to help the Church become an agent of good and a valid intermediary in Turkish society.

Therefore, we exist...

  • To promote generations of worshipers who love and serve the Lord as disciples so that they devote their lives to ministry and provide the resources necessary for the work of God.
  • To practice the Lord's commandment to love one another as He has loved us, doing good to our neighbor in an unselfish way, to the best of our possibilities and resources.
  • To proclaim the Gospel "to every creature" using legitimate and culturally acceptable means, establishing communities in all provinces where the need may arise.
  • To facilitate the means to train believers in the Word (Christian literature, camps, theological training, etc.), equipping them to minister the church and the community.
  • To consolidate a network of national churches with local and spiritual leadership which promotes the vision to bless the whole nation as well as the ends of the earth.
  • To advocate for, and identify ourselves with the mistreated, the disadvantaged and those who suffer injustice, to heal their wounds, to comfort them, and to help them overcome adversity.
  • To safeguard the legal personality of the church as a tool that allows believers to witness the love of Christ to society in a dignified way, protected by the law.
  • To provide the facilities that legitimize the church in the eyes of authorities and Turkish society: church buildings, schools, seminars, camping grounds, etc.
  • To educate the children of Christian families in Turkey by emphasizing character building and Christian values so that they may become the pillars of tomorrow's Church and society.
  • To receive, train, and supervise members of the global Church who want to work in cooperation with IPCF and the National Church in diverse areas of ministry.

There is nothing extraordinary about finding a daisy in a garden...

but finding it in the desert is something unheard of. 


Our vision and dream is to see what's unheard of

become every-day reality!